Positive Life Coaching

by Lambros Stravelakis, your life coach!

Have a look around, we add new content every month, and when you are ready contact me to arrange a coaching session. Sessions can be held in Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp, or FB Messenger. The cost of each session of Lifecoaching is 60 £ or €. All sessions, other than the first, last 50-60 minutes. For your first session lease allocate 90 minutes, we might need them (at no extra cost).

Please contact me for a quote, for special arrangements like:

  • Full support 24/7
  • A package of 5 or 10 sessions
  • Specialized seminars for your team or company
  • Life-coaching on retainer

All my customers get online support in our open Facebook Group, “Ask Your Coach”. This is a free service for life. Questions, answers and reminders on how to use our coaching tools are given openly for all our customers to be inspired and supported. Sensitive information can only be kept secret in private sessions.


You will also find everything we do here in Greek in our 2 Greek sites: “Free Happy Human” and our customer support site “Ask Your Lifecoach“.

Positive Life Coaching from your life coach! Learn how to build a better future for yourself and morph into a happy and successful true-you!