If you are interested in making changes in your life, LifeCoaching with Lambros can bring you closer to what you truly want. Very often sessions will start with the expressed goal of finding and expressing explicitly what it is you want. We will always have an action plan between sessions, and make long term feasible plans before we take a break. Start today!

Career and Executive Coaching

Are you interested in furthering your career? Do you have a specific career goal or career change in mind? Are you interested in adopting a focused career path? Your life coach can help!

Executives can adopt coaching tools and become better team leaders with the help of their coach. Mid-level executives always need to develop marketable soft skills to increase their effectiveness.

Team Development

If your team is mal-functioning, or just needs a boost you can ask your coach for help. This can take the form of personal coaching sessions for you to lead the team into a more functioning state, or team coaching to help the team achieve its goals. We are also experienced in creating internal working rules for associations.

Corporate identity. Branding

Lifecoaching can be used to coach the life of your company. Your company goals can be honed and sculpted into something that can be expressed visually and level up all your corporate branding.

Our expertise is in the preparation that is need before you visit your local graphic designer. So if you are interested in branding or re-branding, ask your coach!


Your company events can be learning opportunities!

We specialize in creating experiences that develop specific coaching skills to the participants of our seminars. Most such seminars are custom made and can be part of a larger company event/retreat or an independent event.

You can see more about lifecoaching in Greek here.

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